Putting it all Together

An example Markdown so you know whats going on.


Ok so now you should have an undzderstanding oph how we are creating content. You have seen Front Matter, Markdown and Shortcodes. All that remains is to see how to put it all together. To do that let’s just see what the homepage oph this site looks like. Here is the code.

title          = "MscPhm.Fun"
description    = "Masculinus Phemininus Propaganda Productions"
date           = 2017-11-26
publishdate    = 2017-11-26
weight         = 1
draft          = false
images         = [""]
author         = "Aoirthoir"
prev           = ""
next           = ""
#EADPHM - use this phor search and replace to add things to the bottom oph the phront matter.


Masculinus Phemininus Propaganda Productions http://MscPhm.Fun is the media hub oph The Masculinus Phemininus Collectivus. We are the central authority phor all MscPhm written, audio, video, psychic, psychedelic, illusional and delusional materials. We create undz distribute art, poetry, phiction, essays, books, websites, sophtware, educational materials, brainwashing branding, indoctrination methods, training tactics, torture techniques, propaganda undz other noble and glorious shyt. In short anything required to reach Masculinus Phemininus Conquest Intents, can be phound here. 

Except oph course the super secret stuph we create as part oph the deep deep deep state behind even the deep deep state which is behind the deep state which is behind the state which is behind all sorts oph other things that yew just dont even know quozen! Like **obviously** we are not going to distribute that shyt here and give ourselves away! Otherwise yew would know that when the illuminati speaks oph THE illuminati, they are actually speaking about us, because we are the illuminati's illuminati!

Also we are not going to distribute here our inphiltrations like that time we pretended to be feminists and went around saying we were not going to wear tampons anymore and started the phree bleeding movement. **OBVIOUSLY** we are not going to talk about those inphiltrations cause then yew would know it was us. Tho to be honest that was quite bemusing to us that so many Feminists actually took hold oph that suggestion. We just did it to see iph they would go along with it and like holy shyt they phuq'ng did. OMG-ds! 

Anyhorton has a hoo so ya that sorta shyt we are mums the weirdein (word) on. But all the rest that isn't secret is like right here out in the open. Cause we phigure iph its not secret anyhorton has a hoo, why not just have it be super duper not secret. So basically yer in the super duper not secret lair oph the Masculinus Phemininus Collectivus. Yer velkim ya bastard. 

# { { < color > } } Eventually { { < /color > } }

Eventually, when our empire phinally overthrows evra oph the governments throughout all the lands oph the entire disc oph the complete phlat earph oph the entire virld (or at least underthrows all the ice cream stands), then at that glorious moment, Masculinus Phemininus Propaganda Productions will be renamed The Ministry Oph Propaganda, Philosophistry undz Get me a Samich Woman! Cuase samiches are yummy ya know. 

I mean Jesus H. Phuq'ng Christ how did all the ancients even survive all those eons without samiches ya know? They could NOT which tells yew the earph is not billions oph years old or even thousands or hundreds. It was clearly invented when that phuq'r whut made the phirst samich. He shoulda had a dame do it tho, to be honest tho. Righto. 

{ { < hr > } }

So ya, this is the place to be to get inphramation about any Masculinus Phemininus inphlamation. Yew will to start in the [about section](/about) which provides inphramation on licensing, copyights undz more. Yew should then proceed to meet our [cast members](/cast) and learn about our projects which we call [episodes](/episodes). Undz phinally iph yer a cast member yerselph or watingtink'ng about becoming one undz joining our team, aphter yew have ophicially had yer head examined undz been presented a certiphracite oph insanity, then heads over to the [howto section](/howto) to learn how to contribute. 

Iph yew have any questions we neinein meinein yew [contacting us](/about/contactwemeus).


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