d'Quocktionary ~ Corpus Masculinus Voluminous Primus ~ Comprehensive Introduction ad'Quockspeak'n Weirdein


Masculinus Phemininus speak their own language. This is an actual language constructed purposephully to express MscPhm ideas because no existing language was suphicient to meet our needs. We call this language Quospeak’n, Quockspeak’n and Quontspeak’n.

Yew see bits oph this language used throughout our many episodes. Some episodes use it more than others oph course. Undzderstanding Quockspeak’n is crucial to yer ability to conquer yer enemies and carry ophph their vimmin!

The Quocktionary is a combined dictionary, grimoire and encyclopedia oph this language. It is the phirst book oph Masculinus Phemininus. It is yer beginners guide to all things Masculinus Phemininus. Study it, and you will be well on yer way to being a mighty King or something.